Soft, Sweet, SkinĀ 

Okay, so I was never one of those who enjoyed the extremely female ritual of rubbing sweet smelling lotions or creams into my skin. At best I would just use Vaseline for my cracked lips or a bit of hand and nail cream if my hands got too dry. 

However, very recently (about six months ago), did I find great pleasure in using these products. And they just made me feel great. Anatomicals is by far one of my favourite products, followed by the sweet smelling body butters from Bath and Bodyworks. 

Even if I’m running a bit late because my hair took longer than usual to do, I still make sure I rub some lotion on my hands and legs and feet. Not only does it make my skin feel hydrated, but it also just smells so damn good! (Absolutely love the smell of the avocado cream by Anatomicals.) Forget about not having dry skin anymore. I just enjoy the ritual of massaging lotion or cream into my skin. The massage makes me feel fantastic and voila! My entire body feels soft. 

Better late than never, I always say. And I’m so glad I finally found some love for this!