Show Me

Okay. I see a lot of “What I want to tell my daughter” articles out there. And that’s wonderful. I love reading them because my mother never sat me down and told me a lot of those things. But I personally believe in nature versus nurture and that actions speak louder than words
I learned a lot from my mother even though she didn’t write to me or sit me down and tell me what to do. My father too. 

My mother taught me that food actually is the way to a man’s heart (although, I barely cook). My father taught me that exercise and breakfast are supremely important things. My father also turned me a tad OCD, while my mother taught me that it’s all right to be a tad messy. I won’t take out the trash the previous night, but I’ll clean my kitchen spotless before I go to bed, lest my kitchen is infested with cockroaches and ants. 

Since I can’t see without my glasses, everything has to be put back in its right place. I’m very particular about where things are supposed to be. That comes from dad. My mother taught me that pride goes before fall and sometimes I have to swallow my pride and deal with the situation. Although my ego is quite large and it takes a while before I bend or succumb to saying that I’m sorry. Now, that, I get from my father along with the short temper. 

They both taught me not to lie and that money doesn’t grow on trees. They taught me that it isn’t a house, but a home and that one must always take pride in it. They taught me that practise always makes perfect. 

They did all of this by example. My mother will wake up just a tad earlier than us and make breakfast. My father, unless very sick, still doesn’t miss his morning walk and hearty breakfast. My dad will do the dishes and never leave anything in the sink, while my mother folds clothes and leaves them on the bed, while dad puts them away. The bed is always made and the pillows always straightened. My father will keep things where they belong, while my mother is capable of losing her phone while she’s holding it. 

Yes. I learnt from how my parents behaved and how they treated me and my extended family and their friends. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m not completely damaged (although my teenage self would claim they were out to ruin my life). 

I still believe that children, especially in their formative years, look at their parents. The way they are, how they behave and follow suit. And that’s the time when you teach them all this. By example. That’s why I say, “Show me.” Don’t tell me. 


My Special Corner

My balcony is one of my most favourite places in my home. I could sit there all day long and work or chill out with friends or simply listen to music and sip my chai. It’s perfect for beers, talking endlessly about almost anything or to just sit down with a book and read to your heart’s content. 

And now that I have these awesome nets up, the pigeons (and other creatures with wings) can’t mess it up by pooping all over my parade. Yes. Those birds were a menace and cleaning up pigeon poop every single day is no fun. (And honestly, it’s super gross!) Good riddance to those pesky creatures, I say. (If you’re a pigeon lover, I apologise. But I really really cannot stand them.)

After the nets went up, I decided that my little balcony needed a serious revamp. I brought out the carpet and the pillows and my tiny table and made myself a little corner on the floor, beside the railing. Fair enough, that when it rains it’s not going to be as much fun, and I’ll have to bring everything inside, but it’s lovely in this season! And Bangalore does have beautiful weather right now. (You know, the kind where you can snuggle up or sit outside and have hot cocoa early in the morning.)

This is now my new space. It’s completely devoid of negativity and keeps me positive. Even the dog loves it. He sits by my side when I read my Paddington Bear stories out loud (yes, I treat him as my audience) or when I just need an extra push to start my day. It’s my special corner and I absolutely and completely love it.  


Ah, the most important meal of the day, of course. 

There’s nothing more beautiful than the the smell of freshly made food early in the morning when you wake up. The warm smell of toast and the sizzle of eggs and bacon frying in a pan. The freshly squeezed juice chilling in the fridge. 

Although I’d love to have someone do this for me, where I wake up to this, I like doing it myself for others. Food really does make your day better and hot breakfast with a cup of tea made with love (yep, that secret ingredient), for someone is just an amazing feeling for me. 

Also, I believe that if there’s no love in the food you’re cooking, there’s no point. I don’t cook every day. But when I do, it’s a feast. And I love doing it. Being appreciated for it? Even better. ❤️

So, breakfast. Thanks, dad for teaching me the importance of having good food in the morning. (And, yes. I go easy on the salt now).

Coffee, I love you. 

There’s something to be said about a nice hot cup of coffee and warm cookies. Coffee keeps me going through my insane day and I absolutely love it. 

Okay, so I can’t really down an espresso. I’m of the milder cappuccino league. I love the little sips that wake me up with every sip I take. 

Coffee is more of an emotion if you ask me. It’s the whole process that makes me want to come back for more. Also, I’m a total sucker for coffee shops. I could sit at a little bistro the whole day and just read or write and sip endless mugs of coffee. Yes, yes I have done this before. ☕️

Although my day doesn’t start with a cup of this magic potion, it certainly ends with it. Oh, and the million cups in between waking up and going to bed. Ah, bliss. Coffee, I love you.